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A scaffold fall? You might be entitled to more than workers' comp

If you are a construction worker in Oklahoma, you will naturally spend much time on scaffolding structures. One thing completely out of your control is that you have to rely on those who manufactured them to follow the necessary safety guidelines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict regulations that cover the terrain requirements along with the standard of materials used for the scaffold, the distance from power lines and more.

Although scaffold-related injuries and fatalities are alarmingly prevalent, they do not always result from collapsed structures. Slippery or inclined scaffolds can cause you to slip and fall, you might be without the necessary personal protective equipment, or you can suffer an electric shock if the scaffold was not the required distance from power lines. You might even have been at ground level and struck by an object dropped by a co-worker on the scaffold.

Even minor crashes can cause life-changing injuries

Victims of car accidents in Oklahoma might have learned that even minor auto accidents can be traumatic. If you went through such an ordeal, you would know that physical trauma exacerbates the mental distress of all those who are involved. Another aspect that you might have to face at this difficult time is the financial impact and your ability to meet obligations such as mortgage payments and providing for your family while being incapacitated by your injuries.

The types of injuries and their severity will depend on matters such as the intensity and level of impact of the collision. The point of impact with relation to where you and other occupants of the car sat and the use of seat belts will also affect the car accident injuries.

What should your employer do after a work accident?

You know that if you suffer an injury in a work-related accident you have the right to benefits through your Oklahoma employer's workers' compensation insurance coverage. However, actually obtaining rightful benefits can be complex and frustrating, even with a valid claim. It can be helpful to fully understand both your rights and your employer's obligations in the event that you get hurt at work.

In most cases, if you were hurt at work, you have a right to claim benefits to cover your medical care and other needs. Other benefits that might be available to you through workers' compensation include recovery of lost wages and various types of rehabilitation.

Whiplash: minor injury with a major impact

While some car accident injuries are obviously serious, such as traumatic amputation, others may not be so obvious. Whiplash is a rather common type of car accident injury that many categorize as minor, though it can continue to have a major impact on an Oklahoma victim's life long into the future. 

If you suffered a whiplash injury in an accident, you may initially be unaware of how your injury will impact you. Often, whiplash victims remain unaware of the extent of their injury for days or weeks. Regardless of the type of injury you have, you should not suffer the consequences of another driver's actions alone.

How the SSA decides if you meet the definition of disabled

A disability is a threat to your financial well-being, but you may be able to secure certain benefits through the Social Security Administration. If you are unable to work, you may believe that you have a valid claim to disability benefits, but you will find it beneficial to fully understand the qualifications for securing this type of financial support. 

It is fairly common for first-time Oklahoma applicants to learn that their application came back denied. In many cases, people find that their disability does not meet the requirements outlined by the SSA's definition of a disability. You may find it useful to seek a complete explanation of your rights and options before you even apply for disability benefits.

Pursuing the compensation deserved with patience and guidance

Suffering serious injuries in a car accident can create various hardships in life that may be challenging to overcome. Although many accident injuries may exhibit immediate symptoms, others can take time to appear, often going unnoticed for days.

Perhaps you have been in a collision recently, you might believe that the worst is over, only to wake up a few days later feeling as though the incident had just occurred. If you wish to pursue compensation following your accident, it might be in your best interests to allow all your injuries time to manifest.

Motor vehicle accidents and brain injuries

Every year, nearly 2 million people suffer head injuries, and many of them must deal with lifelong repercussions. Head injuries may have many causes, such as sports injuries or slip-and-fall accidents. If your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, he or she may be dealing with other physical trauma as well, and you are likely bracing yourself for a long recovery.

In a car accident, the impact of vehicles may cause the brain to slam against the inside walls of the skull. If the head strikes against another object, the skull may crack, and bits of bone may lodge in the brain. However, even if your loved one's head injury is not visible, the damage may be quite serious.

A rightful claim to compensation through a wrongful death claim

The death of a loved one can change your family forever and leave you with emotional trauma, as well as unexpected expenses. This is a complex time of grief and financial stress, and it is normal to feel both overwhelmed and confused about what you should do next.

If you believe that the death of your loved one was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person or party, you have the right to seek financial compensation through a wrongful death claim. While restitution cannot bring back your loved one, it can help your family recover some of the financial losses you experienced.

Delaying workers' comp claims can have severe consequences

Navigating the Oklahoma workers' compensation claims process can be complicated, especially if you are struggling to cope with serious injuries. However, you are most likely going to be dependent on these benefits to care for your family while you are incapacitated. Avoiding delay in the reporting of your injuries can is critical because this may jeopardize your eligibility or the effectiveness of the workers' compensation system.

Certain deadlines apply to the reporting of workplace injuries. As an employee, you have 30 days to report your injury, while your employer has 10 days to file a completed claim form with the insurance program -- if your injury caused an absence exceeding three days.

Don't let workers' comp denial injure your pride, file an appeal

Many individuals, you included, might have an understandable fear of potentially suffering injuries at work. This risk could affect workers of any occupation as issues from repetitive motion injuries to fatal injuries from sudden explosions span over an array of employment positions. Fortunately, if you suffered a serious injury on the job, workers' compensation could assist you with financial hardships that may result from the injury-causing incident.

Many individuals rely heavily on workers' comp benefits due to needing time away from work to recover as well as requiring medical treatment, which both often lead to financial strain. Therefore, you may find yourself wondering what to do in the event that your benefits claim is rejected.

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