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Will technology make your child's bus ride safer?

With the last few days of summer slipping away, you and your children may be preparing for the start of a new school year. Whether the kids are eager to return or complaining that summer went too quickly, there is no avoiding the day when they will climb aboard the big yellow bus.

When you were a child riding a school bus, the danger may never have occurred to you. It is a very different story when you are a parent. As happy as you may be that the kids will soon be back in school, you must also face the possibility that an accident while boarding, exiting or riding a bus may result in life-changing injuries for your child.

Your first auto accident may leave you injured and confused

You hope you can get through your life and never experience the trauma of a motor vehicle accident. Perhaps you know one or two people who can brag that they have never had as much as a scratch on their cars, but you certainly know others whose lives changed dramatically after an accident. If you are a responsible driver, you may keep your cellphone out of reach, your hands on the wheel and your attention on the task of safely operating your vehicle.

Nevertheless, as long as you share the road with others, there is always the chance that you will experience a motor vehicle crash. The first time this happens can be terrifying and surreal. You may not believe it is happening to you, or you may not even realize what is going on. You will suddenly feel a loss of control and a rush of adrenaline as your body automatically kicks into survival mode. This is a kind of shock, and it may last for hours or days.

Even minor auto accidents can cause major injuries

Every time you share the Oklahoma roads with other drivers, you risk your life and also the lives of your passengers. A collision need not be serious to cause both physical and emotional trauma. While taking precautions will go some way in keeping you safe, the actions of other vehicle operators might threaten your safety.

If you are ever the victim of a crash, the number and type of injuries will depend on the position of each occupant of your car, whether they wore seat belts and the location and intensity of the impact. While cuts and bruises from broken glass and flying objects in the vehicle are typical, other less visible injuries can cause severe problems if they remain undiagnosed and therefore also untreated.

Injured Oklahoma workers must fight for every penny

Certain jobs bring an increased potential for injury. However, you do not have to work in a dangerous job to be at risk for injury. Accidents and workplace violence can occur at any time, leaving you and your family struggling.

Fortunately, workers' compensation insurance covers qualified workers who suffer injuries on the job. The process for claiming these benefits can be complicated, and it is not unusual for injured workers to have to put considerable time and effort into obtaining the financial benefits they need. Additionally, in Oklahoma, the funds available to you through workers' comp may not compare well to those in surrounding states.

Smartphone addiction and its deadly consequences

At some point while driving, you have probably shared the road with an Oklahoma driver who was exhibiting signs of distracted driving. These types of behaviors include swerving or drifting from lane to lane, or perhaps you actually noticed the driver putting on makeup or eating. You know that no matter the type of distraction, unfocused drivers are extremely dangerous.

Of course, the biggest source of distracted driving is smartphones. These handheld devices have a grip on most Americans, and many drivers find it simply impossible to just put down the phone and drive. As a result, distraction is now one of the leading causes of car accidents and a major public safety concern.

Car accidents are second most common cause of brain injury

As the weather gets warmer, you may find yourself wanting to get out of the house more to enjoy the Oklahoma sunshine. Whether you are driving your family to the park for an afternoon of fun or heading to the home improvement store to plan your first spring project, you will be out among the thousands of other travelers, some of whom are not paying attention to their driving.

You may take every possible precaution to remain safe. You wear your seat belt, use appropriate safety seats for your children and keep your cell phone in your pocket. Nevertheless, you cannot control the actions of other drivers, and this places you at risk of accident and injury. Among the most common injuries victims of car accidents face are traumatic brain injuries, which can alter the course of your life.

How safe are you while working alongside a robotic co-worker?

Are you working side-by-side with a robotic colleague? Robots are becoming a part of the manufacturing environment in Oklahoma, taking over all those tedious, unsafe tasks. Several agencies are working on establishing safety standards to protect human workers. These include the American National Standards Institute, the National Safety and Health Institute, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Although current safety standards do not include regulations to deal with user and equipment safety in robotics, your employer must comply with OSHA's general safety standards. You need protection against the hazards posed by traditional industrial robots that do not share workspace with humans, and the more modern collaborative robots that interact with human workers and work alongside them.

Are you prepared for the many hazards you will face as a trucker?

Transportation and logistics play significant roles in the economy of Oklahoma, and so do the brave men and women who spend many hours facing the numerous hazards of operating big rigs. If you are new to the trucking industry or considering making a career as a trucker, you might be interested in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's report that truckers experience more non-fatal injuries than workers in any other industry. Commercial truck drivers face much more than the dangers of road accidents.

To limit the number of injuries and deaths caused by fatigued and exhausted truck operators, the U.S. Department of Transportation regulates the number of hours the operators may drive before taking mandatory rest periods. However, many other aspects of trucking are hazardous.

Avoiding truck accidents as a pedestrian or bicyclist

Commercial vehicle operators use Oklahoma as a main thoroughfare for hauling their loads to destinations across the United States. The large number of big rigs on the roadways of the state can threaten not only smaller vehicles but also pedestrians and bicyclists, as not all commercial vehicle drivers make an effort to look out for those in their immediate vicinities.

As a pedestrian or bicyclist, you're obviously going to be moving a lot slower than most vehicles, and you will have little to no protection, making you significantly more vulnerable than most others sharing the roadways.

Common hazards faced by landscapers

If you are an employee of any of the landscaping companies in Oklahoma City, you would want to be sure you are part of a work crew that is protected by a comprehensive safety plan. If your employer complies with the safety regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, you can be sure of management's commitment to prioritize workplace safety. This will increase your chances of going home safely after every workday.

You will need assurance that your employer has safety protocols in place to identify workplace hazards and address them before illnesses or injuries occur. The company's safety plan should include adequate training to equip you and your co-workers with the ability to recognize potential hazards and know what steps to take to protect yourselves.

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