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Man dies after being ejected in rollover accident

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Car Accidents |

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

Rollover accidents bring up many questions, such as whether or not there was a mechanical failure, what the driver could have done to prevent the rollover and whether or not the specific vehicle type was highly prone to these types of accidents in the first place. If so, did it have all the necessary warning signs for drivers?

All these questions may be asked at one point or another by the family of a man who was recently killed in an accident in Oklahoma. He was a passenger in a car that rolled, and he was ejected from the vehicle as it did so.

Per the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the man was 67 years old. It is unclear how he knew the person who was driving, but they survived the crash and refused treatment. DPS is also the group that made it known that the man was a passenger, not a driver.

Before the crash, the vehicle was heading down I-40, going east. This was just after the noon hour on Saturday, May 30. For reasons that were not given, the rear tire on the vehicle ruptured. This sudden flat meant that the driver could not control the car any longer, and it rolled it went off the pavement. That is when the man was thrown from the vehicle.

He did initially survive the crash, though he was in critical condition. Emergency crews rushed him to Elk City, where he was admitted to Great Plains Regional Hospital. However, just over an hour after the crash, he passed away.

When a loved one dies in a tragic accident, family members may have a right to compensation for funeral bills and other costs.