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Month: October 2020

How trucker fatigue contributes to crashes

Few forms of negligent behavior among drivers are as underrated as drowsy driving. Oklahoma residents should understand that lack of sleep can impair one's attention and ability to make judgments as well as slow down reflexes. None of this makes for a good combination...

How to safely lift heavy objects at work

When you got your job, it said you needed to be able to lift 50 pounds. You’re in fairly good physical shape, but a few days on the job shows you that there could be some risks involved here. You have to do a lot of heavy lifting, and it puts a strain on your body. ...

What Causes The Most Car Accidents?

Drivers all over the country exhibit dangerous behavior every day. From texting while driving to running red lights, there are numerous hazardous behaviors you could encounter on the road. But which type of dangerous driving is the most likely to cause an accident?...

What causes semitruck crashes?

Victims of semitruck crashes often face serious injuries. This isn’t shocking when you think about the size of those big rigs compared to the average passenger vehicle. Some victims choose to pursue a claim for compensation when they suffer injuries during a crash....