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Why it’s important to take photos after an accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Photographs are powerful proof in case of an accident. Although you’ll be disoriented or confused immediately after the accident, you’ll need to act fast and take photos if possible. Here’s why.

The importance of accident photos

Auto accidents typically happen in a split second, which may leave you fuzzy on the details of what occurred. However, taking photos will be the best evidence if you need to file a claim. Photos help you document what transpired with the correct details. After the accident, you may fail to remember the scene, but taking pictures will keep the accident’s aftermath for future analysis.

To file an accident claim, all the vital details are required. With photos, you’ll be better able to document all the required information. Apart from the accident location, photos also document the number of victims, the vehicles involved, weather conditions and the response from the witnesses. Moreover, photos can hasten your compensation claims recovery and help identify the at-fault driver.

How to take car accident photos

Although many people know that photos are essential in case of an accident, they fail to capture the important details. While photographing an accident scene, you need to consider several guidelines:

  • Close-up images help in capturing all essential details. Since many cameras and camera phones have a zoom option, use it in capturing all close-up shots, including license plates.
  • Wide shots will help identify the surrounding scenes after the accident.
  • Remember that accident investigators will likely go through all your images looking for the correct information. You can make their job easier by ensuring that photos are clear and not blurry.

Are you a victim of an auto accident? You may want to contact an attorney to help you file a compensation claim.