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Big trucks, big crash consequences on Oklahoma roadways

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Just a quick glance at a map of the United States and Oklahoma’s near dead-center placement on it renders it crystal clear why a comparatively high number of truck accidents occur within the state

As one legal source discussing truck traffic and linked risk factors duly notes, “Oklahoma is a main thoroughfare for the delivery of goods to all points of the United States.” As such, the state’s varied transportation corridors feature a regular stream of truck traffic.

Big-truck traffic. Drivers and other occupants in passenger vehicles are routinely surrounded by commercial vehicles that flatly dwarf them in size. It is the norm rather than a rarity for a large truck to weigh many thousands of pounds more than other vehicles sharing the road with it. Moreover, outsized rigs like tractor-trailers and other varied 18-wheel configurations span many feet in length, are notably wide and negotiate the road with drivers sitting high above other traffic.

Those combined factors – as well as additional concerns noted below – lead to some obvious limitations tied to vehicle stability and maneuverability.

Multiple reasons why large trucks are road-crash catalysts

It’s hardly surprising that big commercial trucks are often implicated in Oklahoma crashes yielding serious and fatal injuries to parties in other vehicles. Here are some reasons why:

  • Inability to stop or slow quickly
  • Prominent blind spots that hinder drivers’ vision
  • Instability readily on display following sudden movements and would-be corrections
  • Lapses in required maintenance and servicing (e.g., tire, brake and other issues)
  • Improper loading
  • Pressurized scheduling dictates regarding pick-up and delivery)
  • Driver issues (ranging broadly from excessive fatigue to impaired behind-the-wheel behavior tied to alcohol and/or drugs)

The numbers don’t lie: Oklahoma truck crashes are a big problem

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting the view that truck accidents pose a serious problem on Oklahoma roads. Legions of motorists have either witnessed a truck crash or seen some serious post-crash effects.

Many have been personally involved in truck accidents too, though, with sadly adverse consequences. An Oklahoma Highway Safety Office website report on truck crash injuries and deaths relevant to a single recent year centrally spotlights data like this:

  • More than 5,600 crashes
  • 81 fatalities, coupled with nearly 160 serious injuries
  • Adverse outcomes occurring on roadways ranging from streets to interstate highways
  • Accidents involving drivers at every level of experience and at all times of the day

Truck accidents are often legally complex. Multiple crash causes can often contribute to injuries. Negligent actors routinely try to skirt liability, insurers fight back hard against injured victims, and accountability is sometimes diffuse and broadly shared.

A proven and aggressive personal injury legal team can help an accident victim or surviving loved ones effectively deal with all those challenges and pursue a remedy that demands full accountability and maximum compensation.