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Prevalent causes of construction site injuries

Prevalent causes of construction site injuries

Oklahoma construction workers are putting their lives at risk every day that they enter the job site. Since the construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, it’s not uncommon for employees to become injured. In fact, there are many common causes of injuries to construction workers.

Tool-related injuries

In the construction industry, workers will use a variety of different tools to get their job done. Many of these electric or battery-operated tools can be extremely dangerous when used incorrectly. Even a simple saw can sever a finger in seconds. Having the appropriate training on each tool that a construction worker is expected to use can help to reduce the number of tool-related injuries that require worker’s compensation claims.


Due to the various materials and tools used on the construction site, it’s not uncommon for falls to happen. Tripping is one of the leading causes of injuries on the construction site. Some other types of falls include falling off a platform or falling from an unstable working pad. The injuries from a fall can range anywhere from mild to fatal, depending on the individual circumstances of the fall.

Falling objects

With workers up on high platforms using a variety of different tools, it’s not uncommon for them to drop a tool or material from time to time. Unfortunately, at a high height, even the smallest object can become extremely dangerous when it lands on a worker. Also, cranes that are utilized to maneuver the heavier building materials may fail from time to time and end up dropping those materials on the workers below.

Working on a construction site can be extremely dangerous. Understanding the most common causes of worker’s compensation claims can help businesses to understand where they need to focus their safety efforts. If you’ve been injured on the worksite, it may be prudent to consult with an attorney throughout the worker’s compensation process.