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Motor Vehicle Accident FAQ

What Should I Do If I’ve Been In A Car Accident?.

First, evaluate yourself and any passengers for injuries, and get medical attention if necessary. After that, call the police so an accident report will be made, exchange information with the other driver and take photos of the scene. Next, if the police do not investigate the accident, file an accident report with the Department of Public Safety and contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Finally, call an experienced auto accident attorney who can help protect your legal rights.

At Litton & Chaney Law Firm, our attorney has spent almost 32 years creating a reputable firm centered around representing people in personal injury and automobile accidents. You can trust us to handle your case with care while fighting for the compensation you need to recover.

Can I Trust The Insurance Adjuster?.

The insurance adjuster’s job is to get you to accept the lowest amount possible, while avoiding a personal injury lawsuit. Although they may take your medical expenses and lost income into account, hiring an attorney to represent you can help ensure that even unexpected expenses related to your accident could be covered. Call us today at 405-896-9724 for a legal advocate that can work with the insurance company on your behalf.

How Do I Prove That The Other Driver Caused The Car Wreck?.

Fault can often be proven by pictures taken at the scene of the accident and may depend on the position of the cars. Working with an experienced lawyer is the best way to protect yourself or prove that the other driver may be at fault because your attorney can help collect the proof you need to build a strong case.

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?.

The value of your claim depends on your medical bills, lost income, child care expenses and other costs related to your injury. Your claim should theoretically cover these expenses, plus other unforeseen accident-related expenditures.

Speak to an experienced automobile accident attorney today to understand how much your specific claim may be worth and how to seek maximum compensation. Call Litton & Chaney Law Firm today for information that is more specific to your case.

If I Accept A Settlement Now, Can I Ask For More If The Money Runs Out?.

It depends on whether you signed a release or indemnification agreement with the insurance company after receiving your settlement. If so, it’s unlikely that the case can be reopened. Working with a skilled personal injury attorney shortly after your accident can help you get enough compensation to cover accident-related expenses. At Litton & Chaney Law Firm, we seek maximum compensation to help our clients get the resources they need to heal.

Will My Case Go To Trial?.

Even though it’s unlikely that your car accident case will go to trial, it’s still a good idea to have a lawyer handle your case. An experienced auto accident attorney can work with insurance companies on your behalf and help you seek the compensation you need.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Handle My Case?.

At Litton & Chaney Law Firm, we’re passionate about helping clients recover from their injuries. With almost 30 years of experience, our attorney knows the impact that injuries can have on a family, and he wants to help you recover enough compensation so that you don’t need to worry about extra medical expenses or missed days of work. Call us today for the one-on-one attention and personalized representation that your case needs.

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